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Outsourcing Data Entry For Financial Institutions - TaskBasis.work

Outsourcing data entry tasks with at a low cost

Data Entry Solutions for Financial Institutions

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What do we do

TaskBasis.work offers a fast and efficient data entry service.

Data entering is a slow process. It requires a lot of time to complete the service.

We decided that it was time to speed up the process.

With our software, we accelerated the process, improved the accuracy of the deliverables, while reducing your costs with data management by allowing your data to be easily accessible and organized.

How can we help

We offer fast, accurate and low cost outsourcing solutions. Here is how:

We will deliver your output with 99.9% accuracy.

By splitting and allocating your task to our different staff, we are decreasing the errors by not overburdening each member.

Also, all the entries are reviewed by another member to ensure that even the smallest mistakes are found.

We offer the fastest delivery in the market, thanks to our powerful AI and our vast team working on the assignments at the same time. 

We split the documentation in micro jobs to speed up the process. 

Every deliverable is reviewed by a different member of our team to ensure that there are no mistakes on the final output.

We guarantee a 99.9% accuracy on the data deliverable. 

We offer a costwise solution to solve all data entry tasks. 

Our prices are below the average, since we bet on our AI to minimize the costs by deploying the tasks to our professionals around the world.

With a network of international team members, we are able to complete all assignments with the same time and quality in any language.

Our disruptive software allow us to assign your tasks to multiple experts to ensure fast and complete services

You can also outsource your Powerpoint creation with TaskBasis.

We will create a professional Powerpoint for the topic you need in no time.

Our Whatsapp is always available for your demands and to support you. Just send as a message and we will return to you as soon as possible

How it works

We offer an unique data entry service to speed up your analysis.

Client to assign the task needed

NDA to be signed

Client to deliver documentation

Documentation to be splitted into micro tasks

Micro tasks assigned to our team

Micro tasks internal delivery

Micro tasks to be reviewed

Micro tasks reviewed and merged in a single output

Final Output delivered to the client


Our services for financial institutions include simple data entry, market research or powerpoint creation.


We willl collect data from documents and deliver the organized output
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  • Quality Reviewed Output
  • Fast Delivery
  • Multiple Professionals working for you
  • Costwise Solution
  • Powerful AI
  • Daily Progress Updates
  • Secure Payment
  • Secure File Hosting
  • All documentation shared is protected under an NDA
  • Live Chat Support


We will collect data regarding the subject you need more research
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  • Data with respectives sources
  • Fast Delivery
  • Multiple Professionals working for you
  • Costwise Solution
  • Daily Progress Updates
  • Secure Payment
  • Secure File Hosting
  • Quality Reviewed Output
  • Confidential Information protected under an NDA
  • Live Chat Support


We will create a customizable professional PowerPoint for your topic
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  • Unique Content Creation
  • Data Research and Collection
  • Unique Design Creation
  • Multiple Advisors working for you
  • Daily Progress Updates
  • Secure Payment
  • Secure File Hosting
  • Possibility to adapt your own slides
  • All documentation shared is protected under an NDA
  • Live Chat Support

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